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are here to help the home caregiver.

Gift wrap your Soft ID bracelets so your loved one knows this is a gift of love, not a medical/hospital item.
You want them to choose to wear it and show it off and so do we.

60% of all Alzheimer patients wander away from their homes.

Many in the middle of the night, while caregiver is asleep.

Stop signs help keep them in the home while night walking.

We have all seen the on local news broadcast a story of someone found that doesn't know their full name or where they live, or worse yet the call for help for a lost love one. All because they are unable to tell others who they are and where they live.

Never Wander Alone!



Soft ID Bracelets


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Congratulations you've found the Safest ID Bracelets made.
Soft Clear Hypoallergenic
Once On,
Stays On!

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GE Easy to install—no wiring needed Protects eater from spills and mess.   Looks like an apron but solves a few problems.  Snaps behind neck.  Sits higher on neck for soup spills. Protects eater from spills and mess.  Yet fashionable, Ties in dozen of ways.
Micro-fiber Scarf does a far better job than any nursing home Adult bib.  Spills wipe right off.  Machine washable.
Napkin at your neck
OUR PRICE: $18.95
Smaller Scarf / Napkin
OUR PRICE: $19.95
Comfortable Custom ID Bracelets.  Soft, Tough, Never lost by wearer.   This Bracelet won't get lost or forgotten.  Made in the USA  Water proof. Low cost easy to up date ID bracelet that fast on fast off. Comfortable Custom ID Bracelets.  Soft, Tough, Never lost by wearer.   This Bracelet won't get lost or forgotten.  Made in the USA  Water proof.

We customize Soft D ID bracelets however you'd like. Originally designed for Dementia patients our customers have demanded them for everyone. Now our bracelets can be found on individuals of all ages and every reason.

Each of our silicone wristbands are flexible and able to fit wrists from 3.5" to 9 3/4". So Babies to 450 lbs adults should have no troubles getting a perfect fit.

Soft Identification bracelets help individuals with special needs from children with Autism to the elderly with Alzheimer's.

Younger adults who get a kick out of extreme sports and are unable to wear a wallet also are wearing D-ID's Soft ID Bracelets.

In addition to adult ID bracelets, our wristbands can be used as custom allergy bracelets such as Peanuts or Medication Allergies that can save life. They serve as a great medical ID bracelets for individuals of any age with a life threatening conditions.

In addition to custom Soft D ID Bracelets, we also offer alarms, chimes, signs, Self Help CD's and information to Caregivers and without a doubt the best full size napkins for adults with amazing micro fibers.

Certified Dementia Practitioners

D ID Bracelets